Long Term Dog Boarding

Long term dog boarding is three months and beyond. We offer a special discount for military dog boarding or government agencies & special forces. Additionally we offer a monthly flat rate for long term dog boarding. This rate depends on many factors- age, breed, size and the length of your dogs foster care.

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Each area has its own fenced yard and and sun deck. Fresh hay is kept down because its impossible to keep grass!

Because of the type of boarding we do (no runs or kennels) we can not accept dogs that are aggressive towards humans or other dogs. It’s best to arrange a visit and bring your dog to meet us. If you are certain that your dog is socialized a visit is not necessary. We have plenty of pics, videos and customer referrals for you to feel like you’re making the right choice, however you are always welcome to make an appointment.

How are dogs kept?

I live and work here. The entire house is set up for dogs. There are rooms with private dog doors going out into their own private yards. There is also a building (Bow Wow Cabin) that is right next to the house with various areas and their own fenced yard area. The dogs have total access to go in and out. All most all areas have a private deck they can lay on and most love it! Dogs are permitted on the bed, furniture and they pretty much rule here. Most of the younger dogs are kept together and require less attention then the older guys. Young dogs are active and play non-stop. Older and more shy dogs are walked daily. I also rotate them about, when needed to make sure they get one on one attention. We also have part time helpers that come to pick up poop, walk and play with the dogs. The truth is that no matter how spoiled the dog they love being in a pack and being with other dogs. I have a lot of experience with dogs and spend time understanding their needs. I’m very good at matching up dogs to the right area.

One of our dog cabins. All Cabins are right next to the house & have cams

Each area has dog hammocks and or dog beds. We keep lots of water and its changed twice a day even if its full. We make sure each dog has full access to water- a gallon per dog is always available. Each area had air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. We keep the areas around 70 degrees.

Dogs are fed twice a day; in the morning and again around 5pm. They are given a treat around noon. Treats are provided by us and we never use harmful chemicals, colorants or preservatives. Dog food is not included in your boarding fee, however we are happy to purchase it for you. We recommend Taste of The Wild dog food for our long term dog foster program and we do purchase this food wholesale, passing the savings on to you.

If you dog requires grooming we make all the arrangements to bring them or we have a groomer come to the farm. The price is very affordable. Baths are included unless your dog is over 60 pounds and I can’t easily lift him into the tub. During the summer we wash them outside, however in the winter this isn’t possible. Our local groomer charges us 25.00 for a bath, ear clean and nail clip.

Capone going to the Vet to update vaccination

Pictures & Email

We welcome you to text, email or call as much as you need to feel comfortable. We know how difficult it is and invite you to do whatever it is you need to do to feel better about leaving your baby. When you request videos or photos please give us up to 48 hours to get them to you. Often its sooner, however sometimes its just not possible.

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Obviously we can only take a certain number of dogs. To request availability we need to know the age, size and breed of your dog. We have space for a certain size or age. For instance our large young dog capacity may be full but we could have room for a few smaller dogs or vise versa. If we do have space available you would need to reserve ASAP because we do operate on a first come- first serve basis. People book way in advance for long term dog boarding or long term dog fostering and a space could be gone in 24 hours notice. Much of our military dog fostering is fairly short notice, however all reservations are made based on availability. We require first and last months boarding paid prior to checking in. This must be paid by cashier’s check or money order. After your dog checks in your check card will be billed monthly.

Our pricing is based on the length of stay and many other factors. In order to afford to offer discounts for military we ask that you do not request a discount unless you really need it. Our pricing ranges from 400.00 to 500.00 per month and there is a big discount for additional dogs.

Please use the Request Reservation Link to check price and availability  




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  1. I was wondering if you can tell me if there are any openings for long term care for a 4 yr old boxer, about 60lbs. We are PCSing to Hawaii and I didn’t get his rabies blood test done in time and I really can’t see me giving him away or put in Quarantine for 4 months. Also, can you tell me an estimate of how much it would be a month. We will be gone for 3 years but I have no way to get him all ready to fly there from over there. Thanks in advance for your rsponse.

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